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AUDREY MCCRAKEN - Grandmother, mother and Carer. Audrey writes short stories with a flavour of the Caribbean.


BRIAN BOLD - Retired IT Marketing Manager, now a keen golfer and occasional writer. He has published ROAD WORKS - a travel book and FIRST COARSE - an anthology of short stories, both can be viewed at www.lulu.com/biro.

HELEN NICELL - A charity event organiser, Helen enjoys writing short stories, and writes fun and clever poetry, and hopes to build up to bigger and better things - one day!



JACKIE GREEN - Busy working woman who would like more time to write but in reality would probably just eat more cakes. Enjoys writing short stories and has embarked on a massive joint writing project with Brian Bold ( brave man). Drinks promised for everyone if we manage to complete it and stay friends. Jackie now lives in Southsea but still comes to Watford Writers whenever she's in town on a Monday night.

JOHN WARD - Retired Business Consultant, an avid collector of strange things and knowledge. A writer of interesting short stories. Has almost completed first draft of a novel set in the Southern States of USA in 1963. Never liked poetry until he won the Swanwick Poetry prize. Now he likes it.

MARY CROWNER - A Manager of Care Services she enjoys writing short stories and is curently developing a travel article and childrens' novel

PHIL COOPER - Retired, well travelled writer of amusing and quirky short stories.

SUE PETTIT - Retired teacher who writes, and writes and writes .. warm and touching short stories and poetry seem to just pour from her to the page.

SUSAN BENNETT - Historical Researcher and Consultant who is researching and writing a biography of a woman born in the 18th century. She has written non-fiction articles and has edited and assisted other writers with research. She was the winner of the Watford Writers non-fiction competition for 2009.  Sue Bennett Website

STEVE CLIFFORD – a semi retired / freelancer in the Probation Dept & in the Fire department . After years of report writing – fantasy and creative writing is a challenge that he excels at.




Rosemary Morris writes romantic fact fiction historical novels. To find out about her, read extracts from her books and some reviews please visit. www.rosemarymorris.co.uk. (More reviews of the novels are at www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk)


















TREVOR SPINAGE - a Systems Engineer for a national rail company and the Secretary for the Watford Travel Club - he writes clever and witty short stories and does not enjoy poetry.



KIMBERLEY SIMCOX - An assistant merchandiser for a high street jewellery company, and spends her days knee deep in spreadsheets and sales analysis. She writes intelligent "chick lit" with a feminist slant and is currently working on ‎a young adult novel (or possibly a trilogy). She's had poetry and a short story or two published. She enjoys drinking dry gin martinis, watching films‎ and reading books that make her think (and some that don't require her to think)


STEVEN PRIZEMAN - writes historical fantasies and sinister short stories in the tradition of Arthur Machen and HP Lovecraft. He is the author of:


Arise, Black Vengeance, and

Nietzsche Against Dracula (currently being published in monthly instalments).

All available on Amazon.

Follow him online at stevenprizeman.com







Many more members.

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